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You don't like stamps ? Oh ... Too bad <3 Because I love express myself with colors !

The most important about me ...
heart selfcest by and-stamps Princess by Mircia90 Ninja Stamp by bythewayiloveyoux3 I Heart Cute by katheric I Love Pink and Sparkly Art by JunkbyJen visual kei stamp by bebidolls Russian by Alys-Stamps Its Gotta Be Shiny Stamp by spud100 Zodiac Stamp 'Cancer' by Sharkfold i collect PLUSHIES! stamp by RRRAI green eyes stamp by SheilaMBrinson Seven Deadly Stamps: Vanity by Voltaira DO NOT FAV- I Believe In Magic by stamps-club Cute Tablet user Stamp by VocaloidStamps I Leik Shiny Stamp by Vypor Music Stamp by Taylorinchains I don't bite stamp by FrightFox Girl Gamer by S3NOR1TA

I love ...
Kakashi by Anj3lina Love imagination stamp by Mel-Rosey Sushi Stamp by Fluffntuff stamp :: Cappuccino by sequelle cupcakes STAMP by SheilaMBrinson Japanese Music Stamp by SA948-Stamps i love sleep stamp by ohhperttylights Stamp - Love Horses by MauserGirl Stamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirl Stamp - Dog Lover by MauserGirl Still Loves Pokemon by SquirtleStamps Ninetails Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Vaporeon Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Espeon Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Glaceon Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Umbreon Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Leafeon Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Rapidash Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Skitty Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Absol Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Glowsticks Rule stamp-JunkJen by stamps-club Love Kimono by Hanami-Mai I Love Hot Coco by Lill-Devil-Melii Candy Cane Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I Love Pocky Stamp by Lill-Devil-Melii Onigiri Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Sky Stamp - DaMoni by stamps-club Oreo Stamp by Bang-The-Doldrums I Love Lava Lamps- Stamp by Annortha I Love Using Sparkles Stamp by stamps-club Deviantart Magic Stamp by stamps-club J-POP lover - LittleStar87 by stamps-club Amour Sucre Stamp by iAsura I Love Cherry Blossoms stamp by Fun-sized-Redhead

I support ...
Free Stamp: Strawberry Milk by AndreeaArsene Personal Choice by MatrissStamps I Support Myself - Foxxie-Chan by stamps-club I support Witches stamp by deviantStamps I support Animal rights stamp by deviantStamps Stamp - Bullies Suck by MauserGirl Stamp - Animal Abuse by MauserGirl Pink Stamp by gaga-blingbling Religion stamp... by DarthzeroProductions support cute art stamp :3 by Sweet-DooDo I support love stamp by deviantStamps Stamp - I support Originality by Donbeekin I Support Marshmallows Stamp by Fexible

Everything about my glittery world <3
dA Stamp - Sparkle Ninja by lynkx-ie PINK GLITTER by heatherazzi Princess Luna Stamp by jewlecho Cherry Blossom ~ stamp by Nimylu I believe... by Alys-Stamps believe stamp by HisMissDolly P R E J U D I C E by SA948-Stamps :thumb297296857: Mmmm... Donuts Stamp by SGStamps GoT stamps: Khal Drogo/Daenerys Targaryen by Roksik-Stamps Breaktime Stamp by WetWithRain :thumb297293398: Okami stamp by Boarfeathers Can't Sleep Stamp by In-The-Machine I can't think of a name stamp by In-The-Machine + Gaara stamp I + by stamps-account Stamp: Pink Hate by FlantsyFlan - Konoha - by Naruto-Stamps Walt Disney. by Snuf-Stamps DO NOT FAV - Cupcake Stamp by stamps-club DO NOT FAV - Purple is Awesome by stamps-club Real Life is Boring Stamp by SGStamps Moon stamp by deviant-stamps Lightning Stamp - Sparkyard by stamps-club Comments vs. Faves Stamp by StampsLikeCrazy Hugs Not Drugs Stamp by MissBezz Origami stars by Cathines-Stamps Unicorn by black-cat16-stamps Good Dragons Stamp by Sky-Yoshi Lysander Chibi Stamp (version 2) by Ittichy Promote what you Love by Snuf-Stamps :thumb314189232: Imagination stamp by Angi-Shy Rarity Stamp *edit* by CritterInvasion Smile Stamp by capncraka Dream Collector by SquallxZell-Leonhart Star Collector 1 by SquallxZell-Leonhart Magic of Light by SquallxZell-Leonhart I Talk to Myself Stamp by Latias-Flyer My philosophy in a nutshell. by JayStamps STAMP: So Sparkley by Emotikonz Stamp: The Future Belongs to by Southrobin
I was tagged by LeenaCruz ! Thank you so much !! tumblr m9gcqw9Amo1qzckow by anya-silvermoon

Sorry dear, I did it way later than your post, but I was away from DA

: Arrow Bullet Left (Purple) - F2U! This cutie is awesome ! Go watch her immediately ! 

These are the Rules

1. You have to post these rules

2.- Each person has to share 13 things about them

3.- Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.

4.- Choose 13 people

5.- You have to legitimately tag 13 people.

6.- You can't say that you don't do tags.

7. - Tag-backs are ALLOWED

8.-YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.

9. - You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, rp, etc.

10. - Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things.

11. - Cussing is ALLOWED. 

13 things about me:

1- I'm a person who almost can't get angry. If I am, it's because someone is annoying me with little stuff - that they aren't even a problem at the beginning, but are for them - repeatedly for a long time.
2-  I have so many whims that come out of nowhere ! It's difficult to handle it because I want to do so much things that in the end I don't do a lot.
3-  I am a great emotional person ! Tears can come very easily, even just because I'm softened by something. But I don't like crying in front of someone.
4- I'm a pure Russian but I don't hold alcohol very well.
5- I'm fascinated by human beauty. I often look at people's appearance, not because I'm attracted to them, but only in the artistic way.
6- It seems that I look sweet to others, even naive. But I have way too much pride and self-esteem, which I defend with fierce because I really don't want anybody to touch it. If somebody tries to take it down, maybe it'll take time but little by little I'll close myself to this person and he/she will lost me.
7- I'm orthodox, but I believe in many things. I believe that there isn't any bad or wrong religion, there is only wrong religious. I was a lot influenced by buddhism, yoga and wiccan philosophy.
8- My family, from my mother's side, always told me that I have witch blood, so they always told me that I need to be careful to what I say/wish for, because it may be more powerful than with an another person, so I took this habit. Also I was raised with a lot of (especially Russian) superstitions. I don't really know if I believe it by myself but since I was raised with, I have a lot of reflexes to " conjure " them.
9- I'm fascinated in mystic stuff and witchcraft.
10- I can't stand being alone and wish with all my heart to live in city, or nearby. When I'm alone I'm dead depressed, I'm a very sociable person who always needs to talk and feel surrounded by people. It doesn't matter if I know them or not, as long as I feel people's energy.
11- I don't understand people who don't feel any compassion to others. It makes me sad.
12- I hate conflicts and I can't hate anyone. I always forgive. Not only for them, but especially to be in peace with my own self.
13- I'm always afraid to be ignored.

LeenaCruz questions.

1- What do you love to do?

So much things ! I love drawing, walking in a city, shopping, writing, singing, playing erhu, video games, creating DIY stuff, sewing, meditate, reading, doing yoga, taking care of myself ... I especially love doing anything where I have to create.

2- Are you a thinker or a feeling person? 

Definitely a feeling person ! I act with my feelings before thinking most of the time.

3- What is the meaning of life?

Every person has his own meaning of life, but I believe that all of this comes from and to Love. So I think that the meaning of life is the unconditional love.

4- What is art to you? 

I can write so much things about this ! Art is everything and nothing. Art is freedom, creating something that never existed or making it differently, better. In philosophy, they taught me that art isn't useful. I don't agree with this. Art is one of the most useful thing for humanity.

5- Do you like otome games (dating sims) ?

Oooooooh yeeeees !! *w*

6- Do you like goth, punk, rocker boys or not?

A little bit rocker ... It depends if it suits them or not. "Neglected" rocker isn't attractive at all for me. For the rest, I'm not in goth or punk boys. 

7- What is your favorite cartoon? 

I'm not really in cartoons, more in animes.

8- What is your favorite movie? 

Hard to choose, I'm not really in the movies ... The first that comes in mind is Little Buddha.

9- What is one thing you hate in the world? 

It's difficult to make me hate something, I'm more in pain for something/someone than hate ... But if I have to choose it'll be intolerance, prejudice, and people who want to control others. Oh, yes ! And infidelity in relationships !

10- Do you care about others? 

Of course, every person is important and need to be loved and cared !

12- Have you done something good to others lately? 

It depends of the point of view I guess ? It may be good for me or in general but doesn't looks like for others. I hope that I did something good to others recently !

13- What is your favorite anime? 

Akatsuki no Yona I think !

I tag all of you down there ! Because most of you are watching me, thank you so much tumblr m9gclpn3pQ1qzckow by anya-silvermoon

:iconleenacruz: :iconpencil-white: :iconmisanta: :iconkaltenbrunner: :iconasthaniel: :iconxx--kuroneko--xx: :iconluxurious1:  :iconprincesssluna: :iconsugomon: :iconfaithbrier: :iconangedecristal: :iconreomiyabie: :iconsallynyan: 

My questions.

1. A genius came from a lamp ! Write here your 3 wishes. (Don't cheat, I don't want to read "I want unlimited wished" or "I want 284957 geniuses ". I'm watching you. ewe)
2. Do you have any ultimate goal on DeviantArt ? If so, what is it ?
3. What is your favorite anime character ?
4. What is your favorite character from books ?
5. What is the worst curse for you (A magical type) ?
6. What do you expect the most in stories ?
7. Which language would you like to know the most ?
8. What kind of music do you prefer ?
9. What are you searching the most on DeviantArt ?
10. Check your history ! Which site did you visited the last (except DeviantArt) ?
11. In stories (like otome style), do you prefer innocent and naive girls, or strong-minded ones ?
12. Which creature do you like the less and why ?
13. What makes you happy ?

  • Listening to: Rammstein
  • Playing: Magic Kingdom



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